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[artwork The Essential Celine Dion - sleeve.jpg] 0.13979816MB
[000. Celine Dion - The Essential.m3u8] 0.0011444092MB
[101. Where Does My Heart Beat Now.flac] 100.86921MB
[102. Beauty And The Beast (Duet with Peabo Bryson).flac] 84.250305MB
[103. If You Asked Me To.flac] 85.01637MB
[104. Love Can Move Mountains.flac] 92.50773MB
[105. My Love (Live Version).flac] 103.711044MB
[106. The Power Of Love.flac] 99.25897MB
[107. (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman.flac] 79.13211MB
[108. Because You Loved Me (Theme from 'Up Close and Personal').flac] 100.02642MB
[109. The Power Of The Dream (As performed at the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games).flac] 96.54546MB
[110. It's All Coming Back To Me Now.flac] 152.30412MB
[111. All By Myself.flac] 103.60498MB
[112. Pour que tu m'aimes encore.flac] 91.678696MB
[113. Tell Him (Duet with Barbra Streisand).flac] 96.54398MB
[201. My Heart Will Go On (Love theme from 'Titanic').flac] 92.37829MB
[202. To Love You More.flac] 102.208206MB
[203. River Deep, Mountain High.flac] 94.09744MB
[204. I'm Your Angel (Duet with R Kelly).flac] 116.63806MB
[205. The Prayer (Duet with Andrea Bocelli).flac] 89.714424MB
[206. That's The Way It Is.flac] 93.071884MB
[207. A New Day Has Come.flac] 104.397446MB
[208. I'm Alive.flac] 80.123856MB
[209. I Drove All Night.flac] 91.40676MB
[210. Taking Chances.flac] 87.51445MB
[211. There Comes A Time.flac] 88.21774MB
[212. Dance With My Father.flac] 98.18775MB
[213. I Knew I Loved You.flac] 84.84717MB
[214. Untitled.flac] 88.579865MB
[301. Alone.flac] 70.6484MB
[302. Us.flac] 121.14222MB
[303. The Reason.flac] 99.7806MB
[304. Think Twice.flac] 91.78836MB
[305. When I Fall in Love.flac] 91.65222MB
[306. I Surrender.flac] 102.72439MB