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[CD1 15 The Question Of U (instr.) - The One - U Will B.flac] 98.74796MB
[CD1 07 Shhh - U Will B.flac] 51.603256MB
[CD1 08 The Glamorous Life incl. Soul Sacrifice.flac] 49.534977MB
[CD1 12 Cool incl. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.flac] 49.07286MB
[CD1 16 Controversy.flac] 45.05889MB
[CD1 19 You're The One For Me.flac] 32.394318MB
[CD1 02 D.M.S.R. incl. One Nation Under A Groove.flac] 31.62595MB
[CD1 05 Musicology incl. Tighten Up.flac] 30.895714MB
[CD1 17 Play That Funky Music.flac] 27.91419MB
[CD1 09 Take Me With U.flac] 27.099045MB
[CD1 14 U Got The Look.flac] 26.407223MB
[CD1 11 Cream.flac] 26.326948MB
[CD1 06 Prince & The Band.flac] 20.440876MB
[CD1 13 Let's Work.flac] 17.382149MB
[CD1 18 (Theme Song From) Which Way Is Up.flac] 16.482334MB
[CD1 03 Pop Life.flac] 15.243649MB
[CD1 20 Controversy (reprise) incl. Housequake.flac] 13.079976MB
[CD1 04 Scrapple From The Apple.flac] 12.079806MB
[CD1 10 Raspberry Beret.flac] 9.429914MB
[CD1 01 Thunderstorm Intro.flac] 8.617576MB
[CD2 28 Superstition incl. Happy Birthday, Uptight, You Haven't Done Nothin', Who Knows.flac] 104.13099MB
[CD2 27 Purple Rain.flac] 82.533356MB
[CD2 29 Inglewood Swinging incl. Fantastic Voyage.flac] 75.568596MB
[CD2 26 Little Red Corvette.flac] 56.433296MB
[CD2 40 Adore.flac] 34.071976MB
[CD2 25 1999.flac] 29.434351MB
[CD2 37 If I Was Your Girlfriend.flac] 27.521057MB
[CD2 22 Let's Go Crazy.flac] 24.97947MB
[CD2 39 Scandalous.flac] 23.728424MB
[CD2 38 Insatiable.flac] 23.013298MB
[CD2 23 Delirious.flac] 15.649611MB
[CD2 30 When Doves Cry.flac] 10.914452MB
[CD2 21 Cassandra piano solo.flac] 9.35854MB
[CD2 24 Let's Go Crazy (reprise).flac] 6.214835MB
[CD2 36 I Would Die 4 U.flac] 4.626566MB
[CD2 31 Nasty Girl (instr.) incl. Party All The Time.flac] 3.851306MB
[CD2 32 Sign O' The Times.flac] 3.3119726MB
[CD2 34 Black Sweat (instr.).flac] 3.1767082MB
[CD2 35 Darling Nikki (instr.).flac] 2.8173275MB
[CD2 33 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.flac] 1.2993488MB
[CD3 01 When Eye Lay My Hands On U.flac] 100.1079MB
[CD3 13 Inglewood Swinging incl. One Nation Under A Groove, More Bounce To The Ounce, Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless), La-Di-Da-Di.flac] 51.40618MB
[CD3 06 Future Soul Song.flac] 50.09787MB
[CD3 11 Kiss.flac] 40.68616MB
[CD3 10 Nothing Compares 2 U.flac] 38.198727MB
[CD3 12 Play That Funky Music.flac] 35.534245MB
[CD3 09 No One Else.flac] 28.600033MB
[CD3 04 Welcome 2 America.flac] 26.824207MB
[CD3 02 Laydown.flac] 23.766281MB
[CD3 07 Somewhere Here On Earth.flac] 21.154549MB
[CD3 05 She's Always In My Hair.flac] 17.639751MB
[CD3 03 Dreamer.flac] 17.390797MB
[CD3 08 Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore.flac] 16.771835MB
[CD3 14 Thunderstorm Outro.flac] 5.6744328MB
[Prince - LA 61 (pimped by DaBang).ffp] 0.003610611MB
[Prince - LA 61 (pimped by DaBang).txt] 0.0020065308MB